About "Lady"

That Texas Lady is just your normal, every day, Texas girl. Wife, mother, daughter and friend. She loves her friends and family. She believes that Jesus Christ is the Lord and Savior and the only way to eternal life. She also believes in her 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

Lady has enjoyed shooting sports and educating others for most of her life. When she’s not practicing her shooting skills, she’s either spending time with her two children and cat River Song, or practicing American Karate. She is a living kidney donor and an active and avid volunteer for Donate Life. She believes in integrity and honesty. She tends to be easy-going when relating to others and be quite meticulous in the way she functions in the world.

Lady is creating this blog so that others can follow in her journey to learn and grow. Her father and many family members are LEO (Law Enforcement Officers) and she learned to shoot and respect firearms at a young age.

She feels that in this day and age it is important for a woman to be able to protect herself. She is a card carrying member of the NRA. Lady REFUSES to be a victim!

If you have any interest in learning about firearms, firearm laws, concealed carry law and legislation, or women's options for concealment...please follow along. Lady plans to take you on her journey as she gets her Texas CHL and pursues the options available to carry without changing her entire wardrobe.

Lady knows that there are those who will not agree, who will be adamant even against a woman carrying, and she welcomes your views and opinions. FLAMING will NOT be tolerated! Comments will be moderated.

Ladies feel free to chime in, ask questions and post opinions.